Me in a double expo

Me in a double expo


My name is Florencia Viadana and I live in Amsterdam.

I am a graphic designer, photographer and video artist with a background in UI, web design and marketing. I enjoy taking complex challenges and overcome with strategic solutions through engaging visual narratives; be it print or digital. Storytelling is at the core of what I do, and my goal is to tell great stories while staying true and consistent.

As a multifaceted designer who also collaborates with other creatives, I aim to bring a wide range of different capabilities to my clients, including print, digital design, and photography. This way I can provide a holistic solution and bring new ideas every time.

More recently I’ve also been playing around with analog visuals, exploring new ways to push the boundaries between different media: digital, print, video and sound.

My works have been featured on Behance, People of Print, Booooooom!, Unsplash, Fonts in Use, It’s Nice That, Typography Now and Design 360, among others.


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